Inspiration strikes, even on a Tuesday morning

Readers of this blog know that I am a start-stop-start-stop (i.e. inconsistent) blogger.

I’m fairly (ok, 100%) sure I said I was going to blog weekly…and then it didn’t happen.

I can offer a myriad of excuses, but let’s just say that I was distracted — life got busy — blah blah blah.

But last night I read this and this, and inspiration has struck! I’m going to write something right now. And you’re reading it.

It’s far from perfect. It could use more polish. But let me use this post to shamelessly self promote some stuff I’ve written and/or recorded lately.

It also helps that I’ve started using a new USB keyboard with my Macbook. It’s one of those nice and simple keyboards that clicks a lot when you type. Quality of life has improved significantly.

In no particular order…

Year-end retrospective

Definitely going to write something this year. Can’t abandon the tradition.

It’s been a heck of a year for my personal life, business life, gaming life, etc. Can’t wait to put some thoughts to paper.

Our new product for Magic retailers / collectors: Card Sage

We recently launched this thing. We’re now actively building, marketing and selling it to interested people.

It’s cool to put my past experience to work — as a product manager — and talk to customers. Talking to customers is the best part of my job and NOTHING comes close to it.

School feature on me and my startup: Stream Sage

An honor to be featured by my school. Really enjoyed talking about our startup, though I’ll need to tighten up the narrative a bit. Practice makes perfect.

Tom (my interviewer) was amazing — a true professional. I really need to learn from him! That’s because…

I wrote a business profile piece of my own!

I profiled two CEIBS school alumni about their business partnership and lessons learnt in conducting business in China.

First time I ever wrote a piece like this. It involved interviewing them, putting the narrative together, and then generating an article that summarizes actionable lessons for readers.

I dislike reading business articles that don’t produce insights for readers. Hence, I intentionally wanted to write a piece that I would enjoy, on the other side of the table.

Build things for yourself, as they say.

How did I do? Would love to get your feedback.

Latest Humans of Magic podcast – with Kai Sawatari

Kai is a Magic player, streamer, artist, and good friend. We really get into his creative process and what inspires him to create art.

Even if you don’t know the first thing about Magic (a fantasy trading card game), you’ll really enjoy this one. Less about gaming, more about the creative process.

By the way, this is Humans of Magic: Year Six. Can’t believe I’ve been podcasting this long. It’s been an incredible ride.

Running / marathons

Completed a fun half-marathon two months ago, but let’s be real…my bucket list item is to run a full marathon.

Successfully registered for a full this month, but the event was canceled due to COVID-19. (shakes old man fist at air)

We’re just going to have to run one in 2022, won’t we?

Still playing Magic

Played a weekly local event on Sunday and won it. Small event — 14 players total — but it’s nice to know that I’ve still got the touch 🙂

How has your December been? Let me know!



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