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Humans of Magic

Humans of Magic is a series of deeply personal 1:1 interviews conducted with Magic personalities. Instead of diving into the strategic aspects of the game, the interviews focus on understanding the people themselves.

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——Published books——

Magic: The Addiction

What does it mean to be competitive, and to put all of yourself into a competitive activity?

I have played Magic: The Gathering for twenty years. I have traveled around the world to play all over North America, Europe, and China. I have had lots of fun, and made incredible friends, along the way. But I have also experienced feelings of anguish, frustrations, and self-doubt.

Many years later, I have come to be at peace with myself. I have developed a framework for controlling my emotions in the heat of competition. I wrote MY story so that it can be shared with YOU.

The human struggle is universal, and can apply to any activity you are passionate about.

I welcome you to take the journey with me, and learn more about yourself in the process.

Now available on Amazon, in both Kindle and paperback editions!



Praise for Magic: The Addiction


“Reading this book took me back through my own journey as a Magic player. The experiences detailed here spoke to me and I finished the book in a single reading. 

I would recommend this book to Magic players and non-Magic players alike, as the author paints a compelling picture regardless of your familiarity with the source material. It’s a tale of just how fully this game can grab you, and what that can lead to – from the positives of building relationships and finding a challenging mental pursuit to the dark side of obsession.”

Luis Scott-Vargas, Professional Magic Player, Hall of Famer and 6-time Pro Tour Top 8 Finalist


“James tells a clear and captivating story that resonated a lot with me given my upbringing as an Asian-American Magic player.”

Jarvis Yu, Magic Player, 2015 Grand Prix Seattle Winner and 9-time Pro Tour Qualifier


“James’s take on what drives Magic players to compete is vital and fresh in a media climate that either takes it for granted or portrays it as completely insane.”

Chris Morris-Lent (CML), Author, A Brief History of Magic Cards


“More than any author before him, James perfectly captures the very essence of what it means to suffer from the competitive drive. His brutally honest and highly entertaining reflections on two decades of worldwide gaming have been an eye-opening journey of discovery for me.

Julian KnabMagic Player and 2013 Bazaar of Moxen Paris Winner


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