Laryngitis sucks, or: everything happens for a reason

I have laryngitis. But at least my fever has receded.

I am writing this post on a sunny weekend afternoon in Beijing. This weekend, I’m trying to do nothing but stay inside and drink lots of fluids. The goal is to be 100% soon, so that I can actually do my day job competently come Monday. My job requires an exchange of ideas, and exchanges can best be done through verbal communication. So not being able to talk really put a damper on my effectiveness.

But let’s go back a little bit. How did I develop laryngitis?

The doctor tells me it’s a viral infection. I must have picked up the virus like one picks up a common cold, only the virus climbed deeper into my throat and manifested itself as laryngitis. Instead of sneezing and other symptoms, I’ve simply lost my voice.

Funny how I didn’t even know I had a fever until the doctor took my temperature. But that’s a small thing, and easily addressed through regular Tylenol pills. That’s gone now.

My laryngitis started on Thursday afternoon. I was still normal at lunch-time. A few hours later? Normal no more.

Whenever I get sick or injured, I take some time to think and reflect. Lately, I have been stretching myself too thin. I have been working on too many things at once, without deep focus and dedication. I have found it difficult to be “in the moment.” I have also forfeited healthy eating and exercise to make room for these additional projects. Oh, did I mention that my sleep patterns have been mad irregular?

Maybe laryngitis was a fluke. Or maybe my body, and mind, were getting too tired from the constant distractions. I don’t know.

It’s possible that everything happens for a reason. At the very least, that’s how my mind works.

So now I’m writing this, and also contemplating what I need to do once I hit 100% again. Some changes will absolutely have to be made. But I think I can do it, as long as I put my mind to it.

Always coming back stronger, and always learning from it. That’s the key.

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