Podcast launch: “Humans of Magic”

I’m excited to launch a brand new podcast that’s been lurking in my head for awhile: Humans of Magic.

URL: soundcloud.com/humansofmagic

Traditional Magic: The Gathering podcasts discuss the game itself. What deck should I play this week? How will the new set change the metagame? What happened last weekend in Grand Prix X? Should I invest in card Y? There are a number of podcasts that conduct this analysis exceedingly well.

I’m taking a different approach by focusing on the Magic players themselves. Every player has a story — their background, origins, and motivations. Every player has goals and experiences to share.

Humans of Magic will focus on highlighting the players’ journeys and how they came to be who they are. Magic is only the starting point, but conversations can and will flow in multiple directions. The goal is to learn from each guest and hopefully give the audience some new ideas as well.

In some ways, this is a continuation of my book about Magic. In my writing, I shared my personal struggles and experiences with the game. I feel that I’ve written enough about myself. Now I want to tell other players’ stories.

I’m new to podcasting, so I will need lots of feedback on the content in order to improve. I promise that I will get better with time.

Thanks for reading (and listening!).




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